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It’s not something we often consider. If you were to think about the type, or brand, of mattress you are currently sleeping on, would you know? If you knew that your sagging, long-expired mattress might be compromising your waking concentration and productiveness, let alone your physical well-being, would you care?

How long does a mattress last?

Many well-known and trusted mattress brands carry extensive guarantees and warrantees. They are confident of the workmanship and manufacturing processes that re-assure the customer in a really important life purchase. Your quality of sleep this evening affects the type of day you will experience tomorrow. Every night. Every day.

Though some limited warrantees extend to 15 years, a well-slept mattress should likely be replaced at least after 10 years. In truth, if you are more particular about the quality of your sleep, and that of your partner’s, you need to consider an 8-year cycle of checking that your bed is still delivering the quality of sleep you afforded years back.

Is it your mattress? Or is it you?

There is something even more important to consider when checking your mattress performance every 8 years. UCT Sleep Scientist, Dr Dale Rae, notes that we often do not consider how our body changes as we get older. “Our sleep cycles and levels of support and comfort may be very different from what we were used to years ago,” says Dr Rae.

From ages 24-32, or 32-40 and 40-48, for instance, there may be different considerations we should look for in our ideal mattress. At Dial•a•Bed you will find a vast selection, each attuned to specific levels of comfort, support and sleep styles, at every time of life.

Do the 8-year cycle test

Take a little time to pop into your nearest Dial•a•Bed and try out a few mattresses. Compare the level of support and comfort you currently sleep on at home. Your existing mattress might be fine. Or perhaps you may soon need to consider a replacement. At very least, you can start thinking about what your preferred new mattress should be. You can also responsibly start preparing to budget for the upgraded bed you will soon need.

Stay on top of your mattress health

We ignore the importance of routinely deep sleep at our peril. Like a balanced diet or healthy exercise, proper sleep is a vital, mindful consideration that we should manage with purpose. Whatever your life goals, ensure that you keep nurturing and restoring the means with which to achieve them.

Shop responsibly.

Your health comes first. Following current national health directives, Dial•a•Bed has undertaken strict environmental controls to ensure safe store visits. Of course, you may prefer to shop online at All product handling and deliveries are also carefully monitored to provide a reliably sanitized service.