Step into a Coricraft showroom and your home becomes an endless imagining of exquisite design, quality manufacturing and astounding value. Feel the precision of an upholstered seam. Run a finger along superb joinery and finishing. Take in the sheer breadth of style. The attention we put into our furniture and accessories becomes the love with which you fill your home. Click here to visit

Consistently on-trend, and always accessible, Coricraft has become Southern Africa’s interior inspiration. Since 1995, Coricraft’s founding store in Cape Town has grown to 43 showrooms across South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. With easy and efficient online shopping, Coricraft comes to wherever you are.

South African born, we remain proudly local. Our Cape Town factory boasts highly skilled and experienced hands. Our manufacturing team knows their craft intimately, making unique couches to customer specifications. The value for money on lifetime purchases continues to make Coricraft South Africa’s most desirable furniture destination.

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