If your mattress had KPIs, what should they be?

More importantly, what would a super high-performance mattress do for your own productivity?
Introducing the all-new Simmons Beautyrest Black®, available exclusively from Dial•a•Bed. Before you book your exclusive showroom visit, consider this.

It’s probably the best, if not the most important, lifestyle investment you could make for your health and performance. For high-flyers it’s all about the lowdown on the ultimate in sleep technology.

The latest T3 Pocketed Coil® by Simmons now gives you triple-strand support in a reinforced coil action that absorbs and distributes body weight, reduces motion and provides the most exceptional night’s rest. The T3 Pocketed Coil® is the key performance technology across the range.

Choose your executive comfort and support level from one of three mattress options:

The FIRM C-Class includes:

  • Specially developed BlackICE® 4.0 memory foam technology. It keeps you cooler and calmer, for more soothing rest.
  • Add to that the layers of Technoluxe Memory Foam for luxuriant pressure relief.

A MEDIUM pillowtop K-Class offers:

  • The same cooling luxuriance of BlackICE® 4.0 memory foam technology, laid into the decking.
  • In addition to layers of Technoluxe Memory Foam you’ll enjoy NanoCoil® core support. Made from upcycled steel, these micro-coils are ultrasonically welded into the polypropylene non-woven fabric. Enhanced air circulation, responsive contouring and superior durability make this an unparalleled medium comfort experience.

Sink into a PLUSH pillowtop K-Class with:

  • The trademark Simmons BlackICE® 4.0 foam technology. It’s cool, serene, a pure dream.
  • The phenomenal NanoCoil® experience supports layers of Technoluxe Memory Foam that are hyper-soft. A dynamic response gently cradles the body contour.

The Simmons BeautyRest Black® range is designed and engineered specifically for the discerning sleep experience. Simmons has even added an antimicrobial technology – Hei Q V-BlockTM – keeping the mattress surface hygienically fresh. This is sleep at its high-performing best.

The combined construction throughout the Simmons BeautyRest Black® range has been rigorously tried and tested. Every specification is added with technical purpose and confidence. That’s why it carries a 10-year limited warranty.

Book a VIP sleep test

Viewing and testing of the exclusive Simmons Beautyrest Black® range can be made by special appointment at a selected Gauteng or KZN Dial•a•Bed showroom nearest you. Schedule a time that works for you and a sleep specialist will get right on it.