Keep Your Sleep Productive

Like most of the world right now, you may be working from home. It could be weeks, likely months, of self-isolating to help contain the Covid-19 epidemic. To stay productive your routines are going to need to adapt. Your gym or yoga classes are likely shut down. You’ll need to home exercise. The kids will need home schooling.

At the same time, you won’t be commuting every morning. So, you should have more productive time, right? But maybe you decide to take that extra hour in bed. Check your emails while you’re still snugly under the covers. Take it easy. After all, you’re working from home. “Too much time in bed can be non-productive,” says Dr Dale Rae, UCT sleep scientist.

Get out of bed

If you sleep on a DialaBed mattress, it’s probably one of the most sumptuous investments you’ve made. Why not enjoy it even more while you’re working from home? Lie back on your lunch breaks. Take afternoon naps or siestas. Unfortunately, these are not sleep productive habits. You are simply interrupting your optimal, daytime productivity.

Too much time in bed can be detrimental. You might sleep in over weekends, catching up on the shuteye you needed during the week. The most productive way to sleep is keeping to the same pattern every day, even over weekends. “Your sleep ‘sweet spot’ is what you want to take care of,” notes Dr Rae. Research shows that productive sleep is regular and consistent. Go to bed at your usual time, sleep the hours your body needs, and wake up at the same time every morning.

What happens if you oversleep?

Oversleeping can be as bad as sleep deprivation. Without realizing it, your productivity can suffer. Your mood and mental health can be affected. Cognitive performance can slow down. You may be at risk of depression. Oddly enough, too much sleep can also make you feel tired, irritable or lethargic. Don’t be tempted to hang out under the covers. Your most productive hours start the moment you get out of bed.

Sleep For Life!

The whole point of a great night’s sleep is to make the most out of your waking life. DialaBed’s range of quality brands, specially designed for every sleep need and preference, will ensure you find your ‘sweet spot’. It’s your dream bed that makes your most productive day.

Shop responsibly.

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