How to choose the perfect duvet inner

There’s no feeling quite like snuggling up under your favourite duvet. It’s a welcome-home treat after a long day at work, an essential part of a cosy night in and, of course, your best friend when it comes to your well-deserved weekend lie-in.

There are a couple of things you need to ask yourself in the search of the perfect duvet. Would you prefer a warm duvet, or a cool one? Are you looking for a synthetic inner or a luxurious natural one? With these factors in mind, we’ll help you find your perfect duvet, in 2 simple steps.

1. Warm or Cool?

The warmth of your duvet is a very personal choice and depends not only on your body temperature but on the ambient temperature of the room. Some sleepers are naturally hot blooded and quickly become overheated, hot and sticky at night. Then, there’s the ‘bedsocks brigade’ who shiver beneath the warmest duvets. The good news is that we’ve got easy duvet solutions for both!


Perfect for summer and warmer climates, this rating indicates a cool duvet that traps only a little heat. It’s breathable, comfortable and a great duvet for hot nights.


Ideal for those in-between months, this tog indicates a warm and cosy duvet. If you have an alternative heating source or share a bed with someone that keeps you toasty, you could use this duvet all year round.


This ultra-warm duvet keeps you well insulated and cosy on cold winter nights. This is a great duvet for nights when you need extra warmth.

All Seasons 

The multi-seasons option is the most versatile of them all, and you can use both duvets separately during summer, spring or autumn. You can even button them together for an ultra-cosy, warm combo in winter.

2. Synthetic or natural? Choosing your duvet filling

A duvet is only as good as its filling and it’s important to choose the right filling to suit your sleeping style, your body temperature, the time of year and your own preference.

Natural fillings are a luxurious choice. They’re light, soft, comfortable and offer sleep quality coupled with plenty of comfort. Natural fillings range from feather and down to cotton or Tencel. They’re popular for their ability to ‘breathe’ and absorb body moisture, keeping you dry and sleeping soundly. Breathability is always an important factor to consider, as it prevents you from becoming too hot and keeps you comfortable in a wide range of conditions. We love natural materials for their longer lifespan, making them a high quality investment that really lasts. Goose down, duck feather and Tencel are the best choices for natural fillings.

Synthetic fillings are a popular option if you value quality, comfort and easy care. They can be washed in a washing machine and are non-allergenic, making them perfect for those that suffer from allergies. Synthetic fibres do just as good a job as natural fills when it comes to keeping you warm and comfortable. Hollowfibre and microfibre are the most used synthetic fibres.
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