The proof is in the pillow

At Volpes, it’s our job to send you off to dreamland and to ensure that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. While many factors affect the sleep quality you get each night, your pillow is an important one. The right pillow gives you plenty of support and comfort for your head and neck. Here’s how to get it just right.

What’s your preferred sleeping position? 
Believe it or not, your preferred sleeping position goes a long way towards helping to find the perfect pillow for you. Thinking about whether you sleep on your back, your stomach, or your side will help you to pick the right support to keep you comfortable and perfectly supported.

Stomach sleepers
If you sleep on your stomach, you’ll need a pillow that’s soft and fairly flat. Choosing a soft pillow will ensure that your neck stays in line with your spine for perfect alignment.

Back sleepers
If you’re a back sleeper, you’ll need some neck support and the perfect pillow for the job would be a medium thick pillow. We say ‘medium thick’ because if your pillow is too thick it will push your head too far forward and, if it’s too soft, your head will simply sink into the mattress. A pillow that’s just perfectly in-between is the perfect pick. Make sure that it’s thicker and firmer on the bottom for a great night’s rest.

Side sleepers
Most of us have slept on our sides at one time or another, and if this is your regular preferred position you’ll need plenty of neck support. A thicker, firmer pillow will keep your neck and spine in line, ensuring that you wake up pain-free, refreshed and ready to go!

Mixed sleepers 
Most people switch positions when they sleep, and find that they enjoy a combination of side, back and stomach sleeping. In this case, a medium thick pillow that’s a bit softer will keep you comfortable no matter which position you’re in.

Choose the right fill
The fill of your pillow determines whether your pillow is soft, medium or firm. It also determines how your pillow feels. Do you prefer a breathable and light pillow, or perhaps a memory foam pillow that conforms to your body’s shape and weight?
Before you choose your pillow fill, you’ll also need to consider whether you have any medical issues like asthma, allergies or chronic neck pain. Synthetic fills are ideal for allergy sufferers while chronic neck pain can be alleviated by picking the right pillow fill.

Our non-allergenic synthetic fills are the perfect option for those of you that suffer from allergies. Hollowfibre and microfibre fills are two great options that are light and breathable and they’re great news for sleepers with allergies and sensitivities. They’re budget friendly too, and perfect for everyday use.

Hollowfibre pillows
The hollow space between the fibres ensures that the feel of your pillow is loftier, fluffier and more breathable.

Microfibre pillows
The fibre is more tightly packed and gives your fill a light, down-like feel.

Memory foam pillows
If you have neck, jaw or shoulder problems, a memory foam pillow is a great pick. These pillows provide excellent support where it counts as they conform to the contours of your head and neck. It’s important to note that memory foam pillows can make you a little hot as they don’t ‘breathe’ the way that hollowfibre pillows and microfibre pillows do. A memory foam pillow gives you completely personalised comfort that caters for your own shape and sleeping style.

Feather fill
These pillows are popular with back and stomach sleepers as they offer soft or medium support that feels incredibly luxurious. Our natural fill pillows are typically made from the plumage* of ducks.
They’re resilient and breathable and designed for luxurious comfort. They also last for up to 10 years.

*All Volpes feathers are harvested ethically.